Monday, November 17, 2008

A Real Live Max Update

This is Chad. I have a real Max update for you.

Earlier this evening I was sitting at the computer paying some bills for work when I heard Erin in the kitchen say "bummer" about something. Almost immediately I heard Jake in his 2 year old voice mimic her and say "bummer" in the exact same inflection. It made me laugh out loud. Max, who was near me, saw me laugh and asked why I laughed. As I told him I signed and voiced at the same time (this is what we do now), and then he tried to say "bummer" himself.

Holy Mackerel!
People, Max said "bummer" very, very well. I mean, he definitely sounds like he was deaf for the first 9 years of his life, but it was an example to me of how far he had come in such a short time. I mean, Max is at the bottom of a very big hill to climb, but in such a short time he has already come so far. He mimicked a word that he heard me say two times very well. I have heard him do this, but for some reason it just hit me that he has developed a skill set of recognizing and vocalizing words with certain sounds.

Not sure how to sum up this post other than to say it again, Holy Mackerel!!! Definitely not a bummer!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Max Update

He can still hear.

More updates to come from Erin.