Wednesday, November 15, 2006


On our computer we have our screen saver set to scroll through pictures in our files in no particular order. Often we find ourselves just sitting, watching memories go by. Pictures of Anna Kate and Jake as tiny babies, my Mom and Dad when they were newly married, Jamie in her wedding dress, Max at his orphanage. It is fascinating. I love it.
Well, yesterday this picture scrolled by:

And when it did, Chad simply said, "I really busted my tail on that hammock." That little phrase brought to my mind one of my FAVORITE stories. I began to laugh. I laughed so hard that I got the ugly face. That's what we call it when you laugh so hard that you have to cover your face because it is so distorted you don't want anyone to see it. You know what I'm talking about. So, why did I laugh so hard? Well, let me tell you...(by the way, I have Chad's permission to retell this.)

We loved that hammock. It was on our big front porch at our house in the country when we lived in Abilene. When we moved to Crane we hung it on our back porch. We spent many hours in it together, swaying and talking. Good times. Those of you who know Chad knows that he is super low-maintenance. He doesn't want to brush his hair or pay for a haircut so he shaves his head. When he wakes up one morning and sees that he has bed-head he knows that it is time to shave it. Oh, and he doesn't want to have to clean up the hair, so he typically goes in the alley to shave it so it will just blow away.

Well, one particular time it had gotten much longer than it normally does. He needed a haircut BAD. So, he grabed his razor and headed for the alley at our home in Crane. Since it was so long, he decided to have some fun instead of just shaving it right off. He shaved his whole head except for a strip down the middle. Yep, a mohawk. Knowing that it would crack me up, he headed for the house. He sprinted down the sidewalk in our back yard and hurdled the hammock on our back porch. But when he hurdled the hammock his tennis shoe grabbed the hammock and swung him around. Chad flew several feet into the air and landed straight on his tail. No hands to break the fall. Nothing. Jump, fling, crash. There was poor Chad. Flat on his back, moaning, with a mohawk.

After a few minutes of laying there, moaning, he slowly got up and completed his mission. He showed me his hair and told me his sad tale. I wish that I could say that he was met with much sympathy. Well, he was...sort of. But I couldn't help but roll on the floor and laugh. Hard. Can you picture it?