Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jake smiling and talking to Mom

Okay, okay, okay! We know what you want. We have absolutely nothing new or good to say, but we do have a 7 week old baby boy that many of you are dying to get your hands on. Unfortunately, many of you are not able to hold Jake, but I have figured out how to post videos onto our blog. So enjoy this rare video of Jake that is actually quite difficult to capture.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Our Tap Dancing Ballerina

Anna Kate was so cute that we had to video her in all of her glory on this one day. I hope you get as much of a kick out of this as we did.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Jake's Smiling!

After working SUPER hard for several days I finally captured a semi-smile on camera. Now, I realize that this picture is not terrific quality, but it's a picture of our little man smiling. And I love it! Is he cute or what? His first smile was a couple of weeks ago at Sunfish. We were sitting on the porch enjoying the morning and he smiled. That afternoon he smiled at Chad. The smiles have been few and far between. Most of them are directed at Chad...did I mention that he LOVES his Daddy? It started to hurt my feelings that he never smiled at me and smiled at Chad ALL THE TIME. But as the days go on the smiles come easier. He's getting really good at it. He particularly loves the mornings so we do lots of talking then. This morning he smiled at Max for the first time and Max was so proud. He hasn't smiled at Anna Kate yet. It's not because he doesn't like her. It's because she stays SO CLOSE to his face that he can't tell that she's smiling at him!! She is constantly in his space.

I hope this picture makes your day. It made mine!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Play Time

Here are a few pictures of our day. It started with a "fun" picnic at the park. It was eventful to say the least. If you care for details, ask and I'll tell.

Tonight we played together in the playroom. Jake had his first big basketball game. He even made a basket. We had such a fun evening.

In other news, Jake is one month old. Wow. Time is flying. Here are some pictures of our day.
Play Time
Oct 3, 2006 - 7 Photos

A Big Weekend!

Whew! We are home and we had a BIG weekend! The kids and I left on Friday and headed for Lubbock for Kelly Murphy's wedding. We stopped along the way to pick up Mom and Sandra. I could not have made a trip across Texas without them! We met Ali, Rita, Betsy and Stan at our hotel and settled in for a weekend of visiting. Anna Kate and Max got to spend the weekend with Papa and Granna!! They had such a blast. They got celebrity treatment...going to the Fair, going to Mr. Gatti's, turning Papa's office into their playroom. They are still talking about it.

Kelly's wedding was on Saturday evening at Spirit Ranch in Lubbock. It was outside and the weather was perfect. It was beautiful. She worked SO hard planning it all. It all paid off. It was wonderful.

On Sunday we went to church with Papa and Granna at Bacon Heights. It was like Old Home Week. I got to see so many sweet friends. Randy and Sarah (Lowery) Cook go there. We got to catch up a little, but not near enough. Miss that girl. We also got to see Cori Crumrine, Jessica King and Amanda Baker. They all looked so good. So collegiate! I could have visited with them all afternoon. It was so good to see them. I also saw Kristen Lewis and got to meet her little man, Carter, who is precious. The fun part is that all of these friends know each other and go to church together each week. What a cool thing. After church we got to visit Gram. It was so fun to introduce her to her newest great grandson. All of these big events and I didn't have my camera. Argh.

From Lubbock, it was on to Olton to Momma Gayle's house. It is always such a treat to be at Momma Gayle's house. We visited with our fun family. Jon Bryan had his dog, Tucker, with him and the kids LOVED playing with him. Anna Kate got to see "that girl" at long last. That girl is my cousin, Leanne, who Anna Kate met at Sunfish. She has been asking for months to see "that girl". The cotton was beautiful and Daddy V picked some for Max and Anna Kate to see. From the square all the way to the open bowl. We'll have a cotton lesson at school very soon. On Monday morning we woke up to "sticky buns" for breakfast. They were amazing. As we packed and got ready to leave Momma Gayle's house, Max crumbled in my lap and just cried. We all wanted to. It was so fun to be there.

Here are our latest pictures.
Big Weekend
Sep 27, 2006 - 6 Photos