Sunday, January 31, 2010

How our family has changed!

Okay, so since the last time one of us blogged we have had a few major life changing events. Erin and I have both discovered facebook, and we've totally neglected this blog here. But as I looked back upon this blog I realized what a great record of how our family has changed. The best stuff is clearly the pictures, videos, and even recordings. e.i. three year old Anna Kate singing "My Jesus, I love thee...". Priceless.

So, here is baby Macy. Just for the record books.

And here is a picture of Jake with the cow outside of the dedication dinner for the opening or our new Chick-fil-A. Mustangs are in the background because the theme was "all roads lead to chicken" (thank you Kerrie Carter). By the way, Route 66 runs right through Yukon.