Saturday, January 21, 2006

It's been a while

It's been a while since one of us has posted. Erin is normally the one to do the blogging, but she has been mega sick from baby G. Momma D (looks like there's a theme developing with the names in our family) has been here for a couple of days to help and boy has she been a big help. All of a sudden the dishes are done, the laundry is clean, the meals are cooked and the kids are bathed and clean. Not that I can't do any of that, it's just that... um... well... you see, it's kind of hard.... Okay, Erin is the one to normally do all of that, and when she's laid up in bed or in front of the toilet none of the stuff she does gets done. I like to come home and just rough up the kids (don't call C.P.S., I'm just playing with them) rather than do all the chores. I guess I don't realize sometimes just how much a housemom does. I sure am grateful for my wife.

On to my normal job (the thing you're not gonna call C.P.S. about).
Can you find Anna Kate in this picture?

She has a hiding spot that she won't be able to fit into very soon. I pulled the drawer out and now she likes to peek through and show everybody where she hides. Pretty funny.

Well, Momma D leaves tomorrow so domesticated Chad Dad is about to do the chores. Here's to Mommy feeling better soon.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Merry Christmas from the GerltHouse!

Every Christmas Eve that I can remember I slept under the Christmas Tree. As a kid we did it to try to catch Santa when he came. As the years passed it became a tradition. It's just what we do on Christmas Eve. This year was no different. We moved the coffee table and got out all the blankets and settled in. How fun! Early Christmas morning Max woke up and headed for the bathroom, hitting the wall on his way because he was still half asleep. Chad quickly grabbed the camera and this is what we saw as Max came around the corner and saw his Christmas gifts. What a fun morning. He woke up Anna Kate and they quickly got busy playing with their new Christmas toys. It was such a fun morning together. They weren't even sad that Santa ate the cookies that we left for him. Last year they were quite offended that he had the nerve to eat our cookies.
I have so many more fun pictures. Maybe one day I'll post them! Until then, Happy New Year! Posted by Picasa